Main courses

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 13:25

Before summer 2010, we have put together a menu of dishes of the highest quality to provide visitors the widest possible enjoyment. We strongly recommend our classic "devil fry".

Specialities of the house

Devil Steak, served with a spicey, exotic sauce
and french fries 308:-

Fillet Sole au gratin with green asparagus 335:-

Lobster au gratin with bearnaise sauce, served with fillet steak and red wine sauce
and potatoes gratin 495:-

Meat courses

Fillet pork with bearnaise sauce and french fries 195:-

Fillet Mignon, Fillet of beef with red wine sauce and fillet of pork with bearnaise sauce served with potatoes gratin 228:-

Grilled chicken Á la Spania with aioli and french fries 178:-

Grilled lambracks with garlic sauce and potatoes gratin 268:-

Grilled fillet of pork, lammracks, chicken and roaststeakwith red-wine sauce, aioli and french fries 275:-

Fish courses

Butter-fried fillet of Dover sole with Sauce Noilly Pratt and duchesse potatoes (mashed potatoes) 228:-

Grilled salmon with champagne sauce and duchesse potatoes and duchesse potatoes (mashed potatoes) 228:-

Butter-fried Öland flounder with remoulade sauce and boiled potatoes 158:-

Griller prawn with Tzatziki and Greek Salad 265:-


Cocktail tomato salad 58:-

Salad á la maison 208:-

Prawn salad 162:-


Pasta with fillet of beef in cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese 148:-

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